Case Study House #4030

A private recreation space is sheltered between the two wings of the house, allowing an uninhibited north orientation for living spaces and pool. Sun and shading are carefully considered, along with privacy from neighbours and orientation to expansive views, to inform the layout and shape of the house. Arriving at, and moving through the house is a finely choreographed sequence of experiences, employing a variety of spatial volumes, materials, degrees of enclosure and framing of views. Open plan living spaces allow for relaxed, comfortable and flexible activity. A variety of sustainability features include renewable materials, low maintenance finishes, solar energy capture and storage, automated sun control, rainwater harvesting for building use, and chemical-free pool cleaning.

Lennox Concept

A concept proving the potential of a house that had been on the market for a couple of years, generating renewed interest and leading to a contract within less than two months. The design addresses perceived weaknesses of the property – providing additional car accommodation, shielding the house from western sun, improving presentation to the street – and emphasizes strengths – opening living spaces up to views, and realizing the potential of unused parts of the site.


Castle Wall

An outdoor relaxation and entertainment area is sheltered below an extension of the existing cathedral ceiling. The north-facing opening allows winter sun deep under the roof and into the existing lounge through a new full height opening. This opening accentuates the spatial and visual continuity between inside and out. A sculptural brick edge provides casual seating as well as an adventurous journey for grandchildren arriving at the existing fort, complete with drawbridge!



A continuous flow of spaces across multiple levels creates internal connectivity, as well as to outdoor spaces and to the views. The practicalities of family life are carefully considered to achieve casual sight lines to children’s play spaces. The kitchen is placed centrally to be in close proximity to family spaces and to the main entertaining space on the upper floor. The roof line responds to the constraints of the small lot code to create a sheltering attic-like retreat. Breaks in the roof line and facades allow light and air to filter through the house.




A bathroom renovation using contrast, reflectivity, line and colour to create a space more generous than the tight dimensions would suggest. Three square, stainless steel-framed mirror panels face a wall of rich green painted glass providing a relaxing murky depth and a great canvas for soap-sud paintings! Storage utilises the depth of wall cavities to maximise free space and reduce clutter.






A new space to enjoy views is added to a small lot house on the bay. As well as extending the existing living space, the addition moderates the prevailing conditions – often extreme in this exposed location – with a deflecting roof form and sheltering walls. The stair is located to allow a view from the existing kitchen to the garden, and the half landing becomes another vantage point large enough to be inhabited. The space below the deck offers an alternate site for activity and relaxation with a direct connection to the garden.



Pergola House

A corner block is reconceived to move living spaces away from a busy road and create a strong indoor/outdoor connection, with the existing house repurposed with minimal alterations. A vine-covered pergola links arrival with indoor and outdoor living spaces and becomes a shaded play space. Careful consideration is given to the orientation of external and internal spaces to accommodate family life and celebrations throughout the day and year.



Oblique, no. 64

A light, sculptural stair becomes the focus of this re-imagined front yard, while an existing concrete block wall provides a frame. A seat-height stone wall accommodates a new way to inhabit the space, and a protective roof is added to a car space, in keeping with the existing house. Stepping stones allow the ground surface to filter through and the space to expand. For every addition something is also taken away to enhance permeability, openness, and calm. Contrasts are created to add richness to the space – weightless/massive, light/dark, lush/dry, orthogonal/oblique.




A new addition hovers over the backyard with the lightest possible connection to the existing post-war house. Living spaces within the existing house open onto a sheltered deck whose high roof invites northern light and breezes. The planning embraces a large existing tree and retains as much of the site as possible for outdoor play.

Construction commencing shortly.




Shisasari Masterplan Concept

A masterplan developed for a new school and orphanage in Western Kenya which responds to the contours and orientation of the site. Outdoor spaces for education, play, food production and community gathering are given equal importance to internal activities. Most of the buildings will be a basic design and constructed by unskilled volunteer labour using as much locally available material as possible.




More projects to be added soon…